how it works

bottoms up. digital. hands off.

‚ÄčOur platform is equal parts tech and insurance, but 100% back end. That means you control
the entire UX and manage your own business.

Structure our

You can be either a licensed P&C producer or any other type of distribution platform. We collaborate to determine which insurance products and business models are best for your strategy

Create your tailored
insurance product

Boost can develop the insurance policy forms, rates, and underwriting guidelines that are tailored to your strategy and your customers’ needs

Integrate with us for
optimal data flow.

You integrate your front-end application into our policy admin system while we configure it for your product. Our program-specific and
DX-friendly API docs will guide your engineers so they can work at your speed

We Appoint.
You Launch.

We appoint you as an agent (if you’re licensed!) and grant authority to underwrite, bind, and manage the insurance policies we’ve developed together. Everything is backed by our ‘A’-rated paper and reinsurance facility

We Power.
You Control.

Once live, all UX takes place in your environment and with your brand. We stay in the background, but will even administer claims, handle policyholder notices, and execute the reporting for your program